Learning nude

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Akinojinn 9 months ago
Haha, best comment ever.
Fenrikora 9 months ago
I have never understood how people can get bored with sex. I can't think of anything that hit's the pleasure centers of the brain to the same extent.
Moogutaur 10 months ago
Where do you think the hand-shake greeting came from? The hug? In preindustrial times, an open armed hug exposed your belly to a knife attack by someone you trusted when you should not have, so we shook open hands, demonstrating the absence of a knife and not unnecessarily exposing our soft, vulnerable belly. A full-on hug requires great trust and damned few of us have that anymore, do we? My father never hugged me or told me he loved me, and I am an only child. Today, I love my hugs and get lots of them at my 12-step meetings. My father's father was old school and I never saw him hug my father. Maybe it was a hold-over from old Europe. For me, I prefer the hugs! Stress R Us
Zolosho 9 months ago
Who was more right, Sansa or Varys?
Samugami 10 months ago
Ibet u

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